• James Davis Steadicam Operator

    James Davis Steadicam Operator

    James Davis is a professionally trained Steadicam Owner/Operator with experience in Feature Film, TV, Drama and Commercials.

    James has a passion for creating visually arresting images and precisely choreographed shots to enhance any production he works on.

  • James Davis Steadicam Deloitte Digital Pharma

    Eye For Pharma Corporate

    A high end corporate shot entirely on Steadicam, made up of a series of short one-take Steadicam shots, each scene is a complete take which utilises wipe points at the beginning and end of each …

  • James Davis Steadicam - Condor Airlines

    Condor Airlines One Take Steadicam Commercial

    A winter themed commercial filmed as one continuous Steadicam shot. Working on this project was truly an exercise in precision choregraphy, with so many marks to hit in such a short space of time, it …

  • Tove Lo – Over

    Tove Lo “Over” was shot on a combination of Handheld and Steadicam.

    The Director and DOP decided to keep the shots very minimalistic, however we discussed and put in a few faster paced moves to give some options for them to cut to in the build up to the chorus and for the faster paced vocals of the song.

  • MTV Breaks

    MTV Breaks

    “MTV Breaks” was shot entirely on Steadicam, we worked across many different locations, frequently switching between traditional Steadicam Operating and the use of a Steadicam Rickshaw.

    This allowed for a wide variety of exciting visuals, including high speed tracking shots both in low and high mode, all within a two day shoot.