• James Davis Steadicam Operator

    James Davis Steadicam Operator

    James Davis is a professionally trained Steadicam Owner/Operator with experience in Feature Film, TV, Drama and Commercials.

    James has a passion for creating visually arresting images and precisely choreographed shots to enhance any production he works on.

  • James Davis Showreel 2014

    2014 Showreel

    James Davis is a London based Steadicam and Camera Operator.

    This is a selection of his work from 2014, please contact him directly for password access to this showreel.

  • Showreel-Featured-To-Lo---Over

    Tove Lo – Over

    Tove Lo “Over” was shot on a combination of Handheld and Steadicam.

    The Director and DOP decided to keep the shots very minimalistic, however we discussed and put in a few faster paced moves to give some options for them to cut to in the build up to the chorus and for the faster paced vocals of the song.

  • James Davis 2013 Showreel

    2013 Showreel

    James Davis showcases some of his 2013 work in this short showreel.

    James is available for national and international projects of all sizes and genres.

    Contact James to discuss your next project.

  • MTV Breaks

    MTV Breaks

    “MTV Breaks” was shot entirely on Steadicam, we worked across many different locations, frequently switching between traditional Steadicam Operating and the use of a Steadicam Rickshaw.

    This allowed for a wide variety of exciting visuals, including high speed tracking shots both in low and high mode, all within a two day shoot.